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WAMP Server bad password error message

This message may be caused by:

1. You have set a password in phpMyAdmin before. This will not happen if you have just installed WAMP server and never have started phpMyAdmin before.

If you have changed the password from phpMyAdmin or other ways, then you also need to change the password in the configuration file for phpMyAdmin.
Go here for instructions: phpMyAdmin password change

2. It is possible that there is another copy of MYSQL running on your machine. Follow these steps to determine whether you have another copy running:

  • Goto Control Panel/Add Remove Programs
  • Look for an installed program such as MYSQL Server 5.5
MySQL55 program installed

If you see this then this is the cause of your bad password message. There are a number of ways to correct this issue.

  • Remove the program from the Add or Remove Programs. You should find out why this version of MYSQL is running on your machine. If you are not sure why it is there or it needs to stay for some reason then you have an option to change the port it is running on.

Go here for port changes: WampServer MYSQL port changes

3. If you did not find any name that might be a MYSQL program then do a system search for the file my.ini. This is the configuration file for MYSQL. Make sure when you do the search that you select the "More Advanced Option" from the search and check the boxes for "Search Hidden folders", " Search hidden files and folders", and "Search subfolders" If you find more that one, then this is probably your issue.

4. If for any reason steps 2 or 3 do not find any results the the last step is to go to Control Panel/Administrative tools/services and look for a service such as the example below.

MySQL55 Local Service

If the service like the one above "MYSQL51" has a status of "started" then this indicates that there are two copies of MYSQL running. If you have reached this step because you have not found another program running or have not found another my.ini file then your best chance is to change this service to either manual or disabled. Go here to change the status/startup type of a service: WampServer modify service

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