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Now that you have found that there are two MYSQL programs installed on your machine you will be changing the port for one of the MYSQL programs. This is because the install port default for MYSQL is Port 3306, and with two attempting to run on the same port, only the first service started is able to run on port 3306. The other service will not start.

Finding the configuration file

Do a system search for the file my.ini from the c:\ drive. This is the configuration file for MYSQL. Make sure that when you do the search that you select the "More Advanced Option" from the search and check the boxes for "Search Hidden folders", " Search hidden files and folders", and "Search subfolders" If you find more that one, then you may change one or both.

WampServer MYSQL

The port changes in my.ini for WAMP MYSQL are:

# The MySQL server
port = 3306

Change both instances to another port (i.e. 3307) and restart Wamp MYSQL


Previously running MYSQL

Change the port in the other MYSQL application .

This is an example of part of my.ini for MYSQL 5.5

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# The following options will be read by the MySQL Server. Make sure that
# you have installed the server correctly (see above) so it reads this
# file.
# The TCP/IP Port the MySQL Server will listen on

Change both instances of the port to something other than 3306 (i.e.3307) and restart the service from Control Panel/Administrative Tools/services

Mysql55 local service restart.jpg

Restart Service

Then restart All WAMP services.

WAMP Server 2.2 restart all services.png

This should allow the WampServer MYSQL to start its service and Wamp Control Panel to show correct operation. (All services running)

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